In the next five years

“IN THE NEXT FIVE YEARS” A Prophecy given by Rev Barry Manuel

Sunday February 22, 2015.

In the next five years Australia is going to enter an amazing and challenging time. Some may think that we are already in a challenging time. Some may think what other challenges may come? But the Lord wants to say to His people that the next 5 years are going to come with amazing and challenging things happening in this nation. Indeed there is going to be a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit blowing, like has not been seen for a long time in this nation. There have been places where the Spirit has blown in power and brought glory to the name of Jesus. But, what is coming is going to be far more widespread than these local places, these local touches. There is going to be a genuine, challenging, refreshing and reviving move of the Holy Spirit.

There will be notable things. There will be people who are in darkness who will come to the Light. There will be people who at this point in time, if we even knew them or knew about them, we would feel that they are so far from God, how would they ever believe the gospel? But, some will, some will turn from darkness to the Light.

There will be stirring in unusual places. There will be stirrings in churches that at this point in time have not looked to the Holy Spirit power. There are going to be unusual and unexpected outpourings of the Holy Spirit. There are going to be manifestations like have not been seen before that will cause some to be upset, some to get angry but others will know that this is the Holy Spirit.

So my people the Lord says, be encouraged for all things are in my hand. I know Who I am; I know what I am doing. My plans and purposes will come to pass. I will not be thwarted in anything that I plan to do. It does not all depend on you but trust me, look to me. Take this time in the present to seek my face and to learn what it means to know me in the Secret Place. Take time to wait on me and do not be distracted from this. Because those who are preparing themselves will be prepared for this time that is coming and that is certain to come.

The time will also be challenging. There will also be strange happenings in this nation. This nation has entered a time of political uncertainty. And this political uncertainty is going to continue as new voices will rise up, new agitations will come, slander and accusation will flow from political party to political party. People will be confused and not know what is right. As the media seeks to work out its own agenda, confusion will come and there will be fear and uncertainty.

Yes, there is an enemy within says the Lord. There are those who want to do harm. There are those who have been inspired by the Anti- Christ spirit and they are plotting and planning. Even now they are plotting things, Harmful things in this nation. Here and there this will break out.  And this will break out in the next year when there will be a very, very awful, unpleasant and frightening attack. Many will react with fear and many will not know what to do.

But, I am the Lord. I know the end from the beginning.  I know Who I am. I know what I will do. I know what I will permit.   Be not afraid my people at the uncertain things that will happen. Be not afraid! Do not listen to the many voices of fear. Do not listen to the voices of anger .Do not listen to those voices  that think they speak in my name but will speak a peace that is not real.  It is time to seek the Lord. It is time to wait upon me.  It is time to know that I am indeed God and there is no other. There is no other.

Do not be afraid my people. Do not fear. But stand with faith and stand with courage and stand without compromise. Stand exalting my name. Stand declaring my word and believing my word.

The times that are coming will have uncertainty. The times that are coming will have challenges but know that the Wind of My Spirit is going to blow. These next 5 years will be good times and challenging times. But, the Church will be refreshed, renewed and revived and many will rise up with new authority and new power to stand and declare my word.  There will be a parting of the ways for some. Some will not like what I will do. But, you are trust me and to look  to me says the Lord

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    Greetings from India and we are very happy to see you wonderful work in Lord. it is great blessing to world mission. we have visited the south korea, Lord,s Church for summer revival meeting host by ps Yong doo kim. some one(Philippians) say about you and ministry. God will be glorified by the your effort in Christ. Pray for India and pray for me and ministry.
    I am remembering you my devotion thanking you
    with love and prayer
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