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Dipolog City is situated in Zamboanga Del Norte on Mindanao Island, the Philippines.Pastor Barry and Teams have visited the Church over the years and supports the Church’s outreach to children in the impoversihed areas of Dipolog City.The Church is pastored by Pastor Gil Buagas and wonderfully supported by his wife Connie. (picture below)

The Church in Dipolog at worship

 Pastor Gil sent this recent report about the ministry to the children.

“Currently, the church regularly visits 10 Villages in 6 Barrios here in Dipolog.  We are now ministering to approximately 250 children who are receiving nutritious meals and bible teachings. Many of these children are now regularly attending our Sunday service at the church, still many want to attend, but are limited by means of transportation. Also the building we are renting every Sunday could not accommodate them all. We need to have a bigger place, but need a bigger budget. Our church income as of now cannot afford to move and rent a bigger place. Please continue to pray for us.” (April 30, 2012)

Children (below) receive a nutritious meal and hear the gospel message

Children praying for each other in a service at the Church


Pastors & Church Leaders Conference , April 23 & 24, 2015

Healing and Salvation Crusades, April 24 & 25, 2015 Dipolog City, Philippines

Matthew and Jonathan arrived in Dipolog City, Philippines on April 21. Three and a half hours after their arrival, they and a group of young men and women from Dipolog Bible Community Church visited the villages in the slum areas where the children’s outreaches and feeding ministry where held. Jonathan and Matthew had the opportunity to share the Word and words of encouragements, prayed, and even served the foods to the joy of the children. Matthew prayed for blessings to a number of pregnant women whose children are actively involved in the outreach and feeding program. Jonathan prayed for to a three year old little girl who had a high fever, and after the prayer, the fever was instantly gone. After that, and because it was getting dark and no electricity because of the rotating power interruptions imposed in the whole island of Mindanao due to energy crises, we were just stopped in the third village meeting with the children. The children were all there, very joyful and excited. Jonathan and Matthew prayed and prophesied for them. The living condition of these children had touched them and as Matthew had say that he is so blessed being born and live in Australia.

In the following day, April 22, Pastor Barry arrived in Dipolog. At 3:00 o’clock, Pastor Barry, Matthew, Jonathan and I, went to the City Hall of Dipolog to visit the mayor, Mayor Evelyn T. Uy. Happily she welcomed us all and we’re all well received. Pastor Barry prayed for the mayor, for her family, her leadership for the whole city of Dipolog. Then, we went to the Provincial Capitol to visit the governor of the province of Zamboanga Del Norte. Governor Roberto Y. Uy received us joyfully. He is a strong Christian and the husband of the mayor of Dipolog City.  The governor asked Pastor Barry if he can come to Dipolog every year. He (the governor) then came in the morning of the first day of the conference. Pastor Barry then also prayed for the governor.

April 23, the most anticipated date of many pastors and leaders coming from Dipolog City and from the towns of Zamboanga Del Norte has arrived. It’s the first day of the conference. About 214 pastors and church leaders registered in the list of attendance on the first day. Great worship time lead by Dipolog Bible Community Church worship team. The governor, Roberto Y. Uy, attended the meeting in the morning. Pastor Barry spoke on the Father’s love. Jonathan also spoke on the first day of the meeting. Most of all the attendees were touched and were moved by the power of God through the Holy Spirit, and by the messaged of the Word that Pastor Barry and Jonathan had shared. Most all the people responded to messages and of the leading of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Barry, Jonathan, and Matthew prayed for the people for a new and fresh touch of the Holy Spirit. Also many people forward for prayer for healing. The power of God was strong and moving and many were healed. Back pains were healed, arthritis in the knees, feet and elbows were held, eye, ears problems and blurred visions were healed and restored. Goiter, cyst shrinking and beginning to disappear and many more.

April 24, second day of the conference. We’re overbooked this time. Attendance were up to 278 people, plus not less than 20 children. Great worship time lead by Dipolog Bible Community Church worship team. Pastor Barry continued to spoke on the Father’s love, and he prayed for all the children who were there. Much response to the word of knowledge and of the love of the Father.  All the people lined up for the prayer of impartation. Everyone were filled of the Holy Spirit and many receives the word of knowledge. The hearts of the people responded will to the love of the Father of the strong presence of the Holy Spirit. Many got healed from various pains and sicknesses. The blind see, the deaf hear, pain in the back, neck, arms and legs and knees disappeared. Swollen arms and knees disappeared  in the power of the name of Jesus. All the glory belongs to our God.

Same day, at 6:00 PM. the first night for the crusade. It was held at the Dipolog City Boulevard, it is in by the sea. We had started one hour late because of brown-outs. But circumstances could not prevent the power of God. We had started with a great music from the worship team of Dipolog Bible Community Church. When Pastor Barry, speaks, several hundreds of people responded and received Christ as their Lord and Saviour and repented from their sins. When time to pray for healing, hundreds of people came forward to received prayer. Even those at the distance standing or sitting just near the shoreline came near the stage to received prayer. We saw a great manifestations of the power of God. Dozens receives their healing instantly, and its going on, the prayer continues, God does healed so many people. Blurred visions became clear, cataracts were gone, neck and back pains, fever healed, enslaves by witchcraft freed, cough, asthma, cyst, skin allergies healed, deaf ear healed, and many more. A woman who suffered discomfort of her body went and spent more than ten thousands of pesos of a witch doctor and then she became blind. She came and received prayer from Pastor Barry, she started to see a shadow, she came again in the next night, she was completely freed from the bondage of witchcraft, she received the Holy Spirit and lay flat on the floor on the stage, and this time she can see a little, and the progress keeps going, it keeps on clearer. Lots of healing and miracles as Pastor Barry, Jonathan and Matthew prayed for the people.
Saturday morning, April 25, the team went to Dipolog City Jail to visits and to ministers to the inmates. We went first to the men’s section and to the women next. At the meeting hall, Jonathan shared first, then Matthew and pastor Barry. About fifty inmates from the men section received Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Many receives prophetic utterance and the words of knowledge and many got healed from their various diseases and sicknesses. Then we went to the women’s section where they prepared for us a song and dance number. About 57 women inmates where there. Jonathan and Matthew shared them first and Pastor Barry prayed for them. Many where  touched and getting moved by the power of God.

In the evening at the same day, was the second evening of the crusade. A lot of people came attending the meeting and a great crowd. We started with a great music of praise and worship from Dipolog Bible Community Church worship team. Pastor Barry spoke and hundreds responded to the message to receive Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. Then we had a great prayer time as Pastor Barry, Jonathan and Matthew prayed for the people. Many people came and very sick and they were all healed in the name of Jesus. A diabetic person who could hardly stand by himself, and he could not walked without the stick and somebody to hold him came to the stage to received a prayer. He was also blind because of diabetes, Pastor Barry prayed for him and he fall on the floor several times, and then he started to walk by his own without the sticks and without somebody to hold him. His vision also improving and begun to see clearly. He went back home with his mother and sister walking without the sticks. Thank you Jesus, you are the great healer.A young lady who just bought some food stuff nearby heard about the meeting also came and said that she and her fiancée were cursed by their neighbor who is practicing witchcraft. She was sick and also her fiancée were too sick and he could not come to the meeting. Pastor Barry prayed for her and her fiancée and release them from the cursed. After prayer she felt alright, the fear, and the burden has gone. She felt released and she went home happy and healed.

April 26, its Sunday, Jonathan and Matthew preached and minister to churches they were assigned. According to the pastors of those churches, they had done very well and the people in their church were greatly encouraged and blessed. Pastor Barry shared and ministers to our church (Dipolog Bible Community Church). There is so much openness to the works of the Holy Spirit from our people here. People were touched and refreshed, healed and encouraged.

In the evening, a glorious meeting with the young people from various churches in Dipolog. We are expecting one hundred young people to come, but 165 young people attended in that meeting. It was begun with a good praise and worship lead by the youth group of Dipolog Bible Community Church. Then Jonathan spoke well and having great response from the young people. Pastor Barry, Jonathan and Matthew prayed for each one of them. Lead by the worship team from another church, there was a great singing and all were dancing, jumping and singing with their hearts in praise to the Father. What a wonderful youth fellowship we had. The young people wanted to have more.

On Monday, April 27, as Matthew and Jonathan prepares for their flight to Manila and back home to Australia, Pastor Barry and I went to the Provincial Headquarters of the Philippine National Police at Camp Hamac, Sicayab, Dipolog City. We well received there, and Pastor Barry spoke and prayed for all the police officers and some of them are Muslims. They were all happy and very encouraged. The officers were very much thankful and appreciated much to Pastor Barry for visiting Then we had a morning tea time with the Provincial Commander and his deputies. The commander offered to give  police escorts to Pastor Barry if he goes outside Dipolog City when Pastor Barry will come back to Dipolog if he still the police commander and if not assigned to another area. He also offered to let pastor Barry stay at their VIP room when he returned. Praise the name of Jesus.

Thank you so much all at Healing Life Church and Ministries for all your prayers and support to make these possible and successful one. Indeed, All the said activities and ministries are great blessings and a very wonderful experience for all of us. The glory and honor belongs to our God, our Father and to Jesus and the Holy Spirit. You are all blessed!

Pastor Gil Buagas

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