Healing Testimonies


A lady gave the following testimony in our service today. The previous Sunday she had come forward for prayer. Her left leg was one inch shorter than her right leg. She was in constant pain in her left knee and lower back.Though she loves walking she was not able to walk very far. As we prayed her left leg grew into alignment with her right leg. She felt it stretching. She now walks without any pain and it feels 100%.

Others were healed in this servicer of head tension and neck pain.


In response to words of knowledge a man was healed of a back complaint, two people responded for severe tension headaches one healed other greatly improved, a lady released from spiritual oppression and a lady was healed of a back condition sitting in the congregation.


Dear Barry

This brings our sincere thanks for your recent ministry among us at our Healing Service. Also, thanks to Janet for her presence and involvement. God’s presence and his healing power were very evident. Several of our folk are praising him and giving glory to his name for his healing. Thank you for being available and for using your gifts to bless us.

In Him, Echunga Uniting Church


Many people responded to words of knowledge for “female cycle issues”. back and neck pain. One lady testified to healing of serious pain for a long term neck injury others testified to improvement and some said that they would have to go away and test things out.


A number of people responded to words of knowledge for sinus conditions. Several said they felt their sinuses clear immediately. Several men responded to the word about hip conditions. Two had problems as a result of serious accidents. One said, “All the pain is gone.” The other said that he had much greater mobility in his leg. Praise Jesus. He is the healer.


Two ladies responded to words of knowledge. One for a right knee problem and the other for a problem with the right eye. Both said after prayer that they were much better.


A lady had very sore and inflamed gums. so bad was this that she was in tears with the pain and taking 8 pain killers a day for relief. On Wednesday April 9 she received prayer in the HEALING ROOM. She testified today that she was healed instantly!


A lady gave a testimony that she had suffered a back complaint for 50 years as a result of an injury. 5 weeks ago she received prayer for the complaint and she has been pain free for the last five weeks! A young man testified that on March 30 he responded to a specific word of knowledge about a foot injury. He has been pain free for the week and has been able to dance and jump freely.


Pastor Barry declared  that people with pain in the centre of the spine were being healed,  a blocked ear ‘just popped’ and pain throughout  the body was leaving. People came forward and affirmed that this had happened to them.


A very specific word of knowledge meant that a lady responded who had curvature of the spine and pain in lower back. After prayer, as she was powerfully affected, she said that all the pain had gone and that she felt her spine straighten.


We ministered at Harvest Australia Church. On Sunday November 10 at the church I prayed for a lady with a ruptured disc. In severe pain and limited mobility. On Sunday Nov 17 she testified that she had no pain and freedom of movement. A man also testified that he had major lung problem.That past week able to go for a run and help move a load of sand. No after effects!


After prayer today people testified to a blockage in the right ear clearing, chest pain healed, back pain healed, shoulder pain healed, stomach pain healed.


We had three people testify how recently they were healed of chronic spinal pain, a lump in the stomach and severe pain in the arm.


What a special day! JOHN ARNOTT OF TORONTO ministered. Lots of healing and a lady has since testified to receiving gold teeth.


The presence of God was manifested in a deeper way than usual and many experienced a touch as the Lord’s presence enveloped us. Angels were seen to be filling the hall and as they surrounded the people and moved among them people were healed and refreshed. Testimonies were given to the touch of the Lord in response to this including two ladies who experienced healing from intense pain.


People received prayer for swollen pancreas, knee problems, blocked ear. the ear was opened instantly and knee was released form pain.


Lady testified how she had received prayer two weeks before for eyesight problem – she was unable to read the fine print on anything. Now she could!


People responded well to very specific words of knowledge. Lumps shrunk or disappeared; painful ear condition instantly healed; blocked sinuses cleared.


Several people were healed of spiritual oppression instantly as a result of prayer. A woman was totally healed of neck and shoulder stiffness. Several people received prayer for leg alignment and were healed.


A man testified to having had serious heart problems for many years. Received prayer on June 2, now no pain and feeling “much better”. Several people expereinced legs being lengthened and severe neck pain relieved.


Man responded to a word of knowledge. He had a slipped disc and was in pain. After prayer he said, “What happened?” Pastor Barry replied, “You tell me.” All his pain was gone and he could move freely. Two men responded to word of knowledge about problems with the right eye. One had blurred vision, after prayer his vision cleared. The other man had splashed “spray and wipe” in his eye. He had pain in the eye. After prayer the pain was gone.


Man with chronic back pain stated that he had relief after prayer; man with arthritis in fingers in both hands was free of pain and able to move fingers freely after prayer; lady with a heaviness on her laughed freely after prayer; lady with deafness in both ears was able to hear clearly immediately after prayer.

MONDAY APRIL 8-MONDAY APRIL 15 Pastor Barry and a team ministered in Dipolog City , the Philippines. Here is a brief report of the amazing meetings.


Wednesday: First session by me on River from Ezekiel 47

Then Jacqui on hearing God. Then prayed for people I prayed for 12 people to receive the gift of tongues all received gift instantly ……amazing!


I spoke on Healing the Heart. Then we had good prophetic ministry. Then we prayed for healing of heart. Then prayed for healing:

Lady goitre healed, bad knees healed, back healed, eyesight healed. Severe spinal pain healed.

Thursday Session 1

I  spoke on our relationship with Jesus.

Session 2

Jacqui  spoke on finances. 2 Kings 4. Good talk  and people seemed to appreciate it.

Session 3 Prayed for healing to begin with. Prayed for eyes. About 10 people came forward most healed said could see clearly. One lady said no then later came and said she was feeling lighter and now could see clearly. Tessie many things wrong. Could not read Bible after prayer was able to read! Backs and necks and knees healed.

I spoke on having a continuing experience of the Holy Spirit. Then we worshipped. Wonderful time of singing in the Spirit. Then we prayed for everyone. Powerful. Towards end 7 young girls about 15 yrs of age came forward got prayer they all got the laughter, it was great to see. Pastor Gil said that this is not normal. They do not have this manifestation. All in all a wonderful time. One pastor said the conference should be for 5 days! Another said best conference he had ever attended. Also, more wanted to come but were turned away because venue could not accommodate them.

During time of sharing prophetic words I had a word which went like this:

There is a pastor here who has a church near Dapitan City. Your church had about 50 people. You have done well in leading it. You are about to make a move and many do not think it is a good idea. Follow what God has put in your heart and you will know what to do.

A pastor responded and I gave him a further word and prayed for him. Later that day I was talking with Pastor Gil and he told me that the pastor was a Southern Baptist pastor who had never experienced anything like that. He went to Pastor Gil and asked him if he had told me about him because the word was so specific. Of course, he had not.



Got started at around 6.30 Music team didn’t do well. In spite of that an amazing night. In fact belies those who legalistically think you have to have good worship for healing or create an atmosphere. All I had was Jesus and He is enough!

I spoke. Received well. 300 responded to call for salvation. I prayed for nearly 400 people! So Pastor Gil said. Many goitres healed, pains  of all sorts instantly healed, lot of eye problems healed, blurred vision, cataracts, some blindness. A deaf lady. A guy on crutches walked off stage without the crutches, asthma healed, and so on.

Estimated 2000 people at meeting. On Boulevard came off road when they saw the healings and came for prayer – notably a bicycle taxi driver came for healing of his asthma.

Half way through praying for people I was really tired. I looked andI saw hundreds more waiting for prayer. I wondered  how I would keep going as I was praying for the next person I saw a vision of Jesus standing by me and touching the people. He said I am doing the healing Barry. I saw that vision a number of times after that. He is the healer!


At this stage not sure how many attended but over 1,500,  great response to altar call. At least 250. All first time decisions.

Prayed for hundreds of people. Many healed of blurred vision, back, stomach, chest pain.difficulty in breathing. Notable: blind eye healed,several healed of deafness, stroke victim  greatly improved. Healng anointing got stronger and stronger and many fell down- not used to that-and were instantly healed. But there is one very amazing miracle. A very sweet 4 year old boy was brought by his grandmother. He could not speak. He had a damaged palate prayed for him and he fell down and a pastor told him to say Jesus. He did very clearly he then stood by me and copied me when I said amen, several times. Wonderful..praise Jesus.


Morning service at Pastor Gil’s church Around 100 lot of young people and children.

Preached on Esther. Prophetic words I had one for a lady who lived in a street near hotel struggling with an illness. She responded Then prayed for all. Kids responded well. Then prayed for each other..Falling down. Then an amazing thing happened. A mother came and asked me to pray for her son. He was deaf and dumb. Nearly 20 years old.  I cast out the deaf and dumb spirit. Down he went mum began to speak to him he said mama! He could hear and she had him saying words. This was the first time in his life he had spoken. As I left he came to me with big smile and thanked me. His name is Paul Joshua


Several folk gave instant testimonies of healing. Neck, shoulder and arm pain and resrtictions. Then the following email was sent on March 4:

I think sunday afternoon was a special day at Healinglife church. I have never seen pastor Barry Manuel to operate under such a strong anointing of the Spirit, like on Sunday. For me personally the presence of the Holy Spirit continued during my sleep as well. I woke up about 3am, and felt this pleasant presence of the Spirit in the room, and half awake I started praying for … and myself, for breakthroughs, and so on. I was falling asleep, waking up, praying, dreaming for the next 2 hours. I was visited by the Spirit in this time like never before, and left with impressions in my spirit about job situation, ministry, and future . When I woke up in the morning everything was so real and clear about everything that I prayed.  I feel so excited, and in the same time in reverence of God, looking forward to see what God has in store.Thank you both for being such an inspiration to me, with your teachings and example of how to live in the freedom of the Spirit.

 FEBRUARY 10, 2013

A lady emailed this testimony as a result of prayer on Feb 10. ”  I approached you for prayer in December because of heavy and painful periods, plus the doctor said there is a fibroid in my uterus.   You prayed and I also had further prayer with Bev and another lady.  I also had further prayer with Bev the Sunday before yesterday because I was getting the pain back and you had encouraged us to have more  prayer if something is not clearing up quickly. Yesterday, right at the beginning of the healing prayer time, you prayed for growths and tumours of all sorts to be gone from the body (you will probably remember the precise words, but I don’t).  I “felt/saw” the fibroid/growth go out of my body.  I said  at the time:  Wow!  Praise the Lord!”


The Lord released his healing power today. In response to words of knowledge a man with a severe neck problem was freed of pain and had full mobility restored; several people testified to have their eyesight clear – one young man exclaimed, “Wow!”

Sunday December 16, 2012

During the week a lady called us to say that her hearing, which was seriously deficient due to nerve damage, had improved significantly and was verified by a medical check.

In the service a young man suffering intense pain in his back and having difficultyin walking – as the result of an injury – was healed. Others received healing as a result of prayer also.

Sunday November 18

A number of people testified today to being instantly healed of pain in the knees, in the back and neck, and the upper torso.

Sunday October 14

The power of the Lord to heal was very evident today! Here are some of the testimonies of what God did:

Mr K: I was prayed for about my right leg which was shorter than the other. It was clearly shorter. As Barry prayed I felt it grow and grow for about 10 seconds. There was a big improvement. As I walked I realised it needed to grow further and so I was prayed for again. My leg grew more, into a perfect position.

Ms L: I feel 90% better after Barry prayed for my depression and suicidal thoughts. Praise the Lord!

Mrs C: (Could not lift her left arm higher that shoulder height) After prayer there was a 70% improvement in shoulder movement.

Mr B: My left leg was half an inch shorter than my right (I was wearing a lift to compensate). After prayer, my leg was restored to same length as the right. All glory to Jesus the son of God.

Sunday October 7

Young man’s lower back healed; right eye detioration -several received prayer and said they were improved; prophetic words given to several peole who acknowledged they were ‘spot on’.

Sunday September 3o

A Lady who has deafness because of nerve damage was prayed for on Sunday September 23. Today she testified that her hearing has improved so much that the TV was too loud! She had to trun it down. She recekived more prayer today and felt more improvement.

A young man received prayer for a sore neck, pain and weakness in right leg. Instantly healed after prayer.

Thursday September 20 A TESTIMONY from the Healing Room

Hello Pastor Barry. Thank you again for your time meeting with me to pray through the effects of Freemasonry from my ancestors’ involvement.  It was a step of obedience for me, and an unexpected benefit is that my neck is less stiff than before (from the noose oaths?).  I have a neck injury from childhood, but I noticed the next day that I have much more movement in my neck.  Praise the Lord.


Sunday September 9

Words of knowledge for a sore elbow in the right arm-lady said all pain gone after prayer; word of knowledge for a chest pain-lady received prayer then said all pain gone; word of knowledge for a throat condition, unpleasant cough and difficulty in swallowing-young man received prayer and touched powerfully, time will tell about the full healing.

Sunday September 2

Genevieve and Eleanor Hebart, who have just returned from 3 months in Mozambique at Rolland and Heidi Baker’s Missions School, prayed for many people and shared powerful prophetic words for each person. So many were blessed and encouraged by this ministry.

Wednesday August 29

A man has received regular prayer at the HEALING ROOM. One of his conditions was ‘borderline diabetes.’ Today he came for more prayer and reported that his doctor had cleared him of any symptons of diabetes. His doctor said that he was normal.

Sunday August 26

A lady testified that the Sunday before she had responded to a word of knowledge for prayer for her right hand. It was stiff every morning and only improved a little during the day. She received prayer and it is now healed.

Sunday August 12

Various people gave testimonies about receiving a healing touch at Healinglife recently. Chest pain gone; Pain around heart gone; severe shoulder pain healed;

Sunday July 15

Lady gave a testimony of how the week before she received prayer for a spinal condition, which meant that she could not stand straight and was unable to hold her neck up to look straight ahead. She had this condition all her life. Was often rebuked for not standing  straight. She testified that she could now look straight ahead and felt a real change in her spine. A lady received prayer in response to a word of knowledge about pain in her side. She testified that the pain had gone after prayer!

Sunday July 8

Man with back and leg pain – pain greatly diminished. 7 people received prayer for blocked sinuses. All felt immediate improvemement. Lady healed of spiritual oppression.

Sunday July 1

Words of knowledge:  Lady with painful heal – healed. Man with severe upper arm pain – healed. Man with sight problem with right eye – healed.

Sunday June24

Man blinded in the park attack – see earlier testimonies-testified to 40% improvement in eyesight. Man testified to being healed two weeks ago after going through the fire tunnel. Lady testified to being healed two weeks ago of back condition in response to a word of knowledge.

Sunday June 10

  • 3 people received prayer for stiff and painful neck conditions – all said they were healed. 3 people received prayer for one leg (right leg in each case) being shorter than the other. A number of witnesses watched as they received prayer. In each case the leg grew to the same length as the other! A man went through the fire tunnel and a lady laid hands on his damaged back, in the exact spot (she had no knowledge of his problem), he was instantly healed and told many people.

Saturday June 2/Sunday June 3 at the Psychic Expo

  • A lady had injured herself in an accident 40 years ago. Suffered pain for 40 years.  As we prayed she felt tingles all over and flames going through her body,  had freedom to move her knees and there was no pain in her body!
  • A lady with shoulder and back pain healed.
  • A man with perforated ear drums. Felt pressure gone after prayer and felt wonderful.
  • A woman with back and hip pain after a work accident, checked leg length. Left leg shorter, after prayer grew to same length as the right leg and back pain much better.
  • Lady with arthritis in hands and suffering from fybromyalgia. After prayer movement came to fingers and able to stand comfortably.
  • Lady with neck and shoulder pain, constant for 2 years. After prayer all pain gone.
  • Young woman with a ‘staph’ infection. Pain in the head, pain in the side of the neck and a swollen gland. After prayer felt much better and the swelling had gone down!
  • A young woman said had a headache every day. After prayer she said, “My headache is gone!”
  • A man experienced healing of knees and lower back pain gone.
  • A lady with rheumatoid arthritis in both knees, very painful and limited movement and aslo back pain. After prayer she stood up quickly with no pain and back was free of pain.
  • A woman was suffering from: carpel tunnel syndrome in the wrists, tennis elbow as well as health issues with husband and father. After prayer arm and wrists felt bettter and she said she felt an incredible peace.

Sunday May 27

  • Man was bashed in a park nearly three years ago. As a result he was blinded. He could only make out a vague shape if someone was to stand in front of him. he came about two weeks ago to the healing room and after prayer began to see much better. On the way home he could read the number plate of a car two cars in front of the one he was in. Then today he received more prayer and he said that his eyesight was improving more and he could read the words on the overhead screen!

Sunday April 29

  • Many people received prophecies, prayer for healing and prayer to receive the gift of tongues. Several received prayer for neck problems – pain instantly gone.  Several people received prayer for pain and stiffness in the joints of the hands. All received instant relief from the pain and had new flexibility in their fingers. Four people received prayer for the release of the gift of tongues. All began speaking in tongues after prayer, two received the gift instantly.

Sunday April 15

  • A lady received prayer for spurs in shoulder and elbow. She was in a lot of pain and had restricted movement. After prayer all the pain was gone and could move her arm and elbow freely. A lady had severe head pain. Instantly healed after prayer. A layt testified that some weeks ago Pastor Barry had prophesied that her son, who had been out of work and deoressed, would get a job in three weeks. She came and testified that this had happened!

Sunday April 8

  • A number of people responded to words of knowledge about spinal conditions. Several ladies were powerfully impacted during prayer and received instant healing of neck problems. They were able to move their necks freely for the first time in years.

Sunday April 1

  • A lady gave a testimony of how some years ago she had broken her neck. This meant that she lived with constant pain. She was not able to walk freely, could not ride a bike and was restricted in her movements. 3 weeks ago she responded to a word of knowledge and received prayer. Now, the lump on her neck has disappeared, no pain, she moves freely and is even riding a bike!

Sunday March 18, 2012

  • Today there was a powerful presence of the Lord in our Healinglife Encounter. During the ministry time Pastor Barry prophesied accurately to several people who acknowledged the accuracy. A lady with back pain and a long term back problem as the result of an injury responsed to a word of knowledge. After prayer she said that she could move freely and all the pain was gone! A number of people responded for the call to receive ‘a release of the Spirit and the gift of tongues.’ Fairly quickly several began speaking in tongues after prayer.

Saturday March 3, 2012

  • A lady attended the HEALING ROOM on Wednesday February 22. She received prayer to be released from oppression which had resulted as a result of participation in occultic and new age activities. During the prayer session Pastor Barry prayed for her to be released from ‘the deaf and dumb spirit’. He did this almost incidentally. Immediately she said that her ears opened. She was surprised and said that he was right to pray for that and she had been hard of hearing since childhood. Now she is able to hear clearly!

Wednesday  February 29, 2012

  • Testimony emailed as a response to the previous Sunday’s ministry:Hi Barry , Thank you for praying for my back.  I was in a great deal of pain on Sunday before you prayed.  The pain was a little better afterwards, but I continued to claim my healing and by Tuesday morning it was completely gone.  Praise God.

Sunday February 26, 2012

  • Lady testified how regular visits to the Healing Room has meant a big improvement in her health.  A woman received prayer for a spirit of heaviness. After some persistent prayer she said that she ‘felt lighter.’ She then received prayer for the baptism of the Spirit and began to speak quietly in tongues.

Sunday January 29, 2012

  • Several people healed of joint pain in arms – elbow and wrist. Lady significant improvement in shoulder condition. Young woman chronic lower back and upper back pain. All lower back pain healed instantly, then after prayer for shorter leg and realignment,  leg ‘lengthened’  (she actually saw this happen) and all pain healed! Lady recveived prayer for problem knees, felt better immediately and had glory sparkles on her face – she was thrilled as she went to the bathroom to see for herself!

Sunday January 22, 2012

  • Lots of prophetic ministry with very encouraging response. People responded to word of knowledge concerning shouldrer problems. A man had very restricted movement in his left shoulder because of a pinched nerce and fluid build up. the doctor would not operate. In response to prayer he gained complete movement and all the pain left. He said, “This is weird.” No, it was God!

Sunday January 15, 2012

  • People responded to words of knowledge for neck complaints, digestive issues, fatigue and women in their 50’s for tiredness and sense of despondency. Ladies with neck complaints testified to immediate improvement.

Sunday December 18, 2011

  • People responded to words of knowledge for back conditions, stomach complaints, throat conditions. a five year old girl testified “after prayer my tummy feels better.”   A number of people had glory sparkles on their hands and faces.

Sunday December 11

  • Young woman testified as to how last week a word of knowledge described her painful back condition and caused as a result of an injury. She received prayer for the condition and it is now 100% healed!
  • Also, number of people had oil and glory sparkles on their hands. Some people were powerfully impacted in the “Fire Tunnel.”


Sunday December 4

  • 7 or more people experienced oil manifesting on their hands and ‘glory sparkles’ on their hands.

Sunday November 27

  • A lady with a serious shoulder problem, very little movement, after prayer was able to move freely and to lift her arm above her head! She was thrilled. Here are testimonies that were emailed to us on November 28:      1. I had two things I wanted to share
    with you. Firstly, not last Sunday but the Sunday before you prayed for my sinuses (I have really bad hayfever in the spring). Anyway, I usually have a Telfast (antihistamine tablet) everyday to control my hayfever. After you prayed for me my hayfever was a lot better but I did not think it would last (me of little faith!). Anyway as it happened I had just ran out of hayfever tablets a few days earlier. I decided to trust God for
    my healing and not buy anymore tablets. Well… I went through the whole week without taking ONE hayfever tablet (usually my hayfever is really terrible
    without them… I will be sneezing and sniffing all over the place and my eyes will be red and watery!!!). My friend who also gets hayfever complained of how
    bad her hayfever was that same week and I was like “Mine has been fine”!! Praise God! Secondly, I just wanted to share that I have beenexperiencing a lot of the oil on my hands and glory sparkles. It has been really encouraging to me. Once when I was seeing a patient on placement I came out and looked at my hands and one of them was completely covered in oil and the other was normal (no trace of anything on it). I also seem to get the glory sparkles and oil not just when doing spiritual things like being at church or praying but during the day.2.  And the Other Email…forgot to tell you I had hip pain healed on my birthday ,
    Nov 20. I responded to a very accurate word of knowledge. You and G….prayed. I was reading the website when I remembered.

Sunday November 20

  • A young woman responded to a word of knowledge for sinus condition said after service passage were clear. A young man responded to a word of knowledge concerning stomach pain testified that felt warmth when receiving prayer and pain had cleared. A woman had pain down and tightness down left side of neck into the shoulder. After prayer tightness and pain had gone. A young woman had pain and discomfort in right ear. After prayer pain and discomfort gone.

Sunday November 6

  • A woman had suffered a broken neck in a car accident many years ago. Major surgery repared her neck. However, for the last five years she has suffered chronic and severe pain in her neck. She testified today how 6 weeks ago at Healinglife Encounter she received prayer in response to a word of knowledge and was instantly healed of the pain. she is now pain free!
  • A man was sitting in the congregation during the ministry time and suddenly oil began to flow from his face. Many looked at this as it was clearly visible. A man had ‘glory sparkles on his face’.

Sunday October 30

  • A young woman, a visitor to Australia, spoke about how she had become a Christian in February of 2011. After this she became aware of the oppression, confusion and disturbances in her life. She came to the HEALING ROOM in September. She was made aware that her long time and  intense involvement in Witchcraft, Many New Age Practices and Eastern Mysticism had brought these negative things into her life. After a number of sessions of prayer ministry all the confusion, disturbances and oppression left. She was healed of emotional wounds from the past also. She declared to those present at HEALINGLIFE ENCOUNTER, “I am free!”

Sunday October 23

  • A man testified as to how he had been suffering from a viral infection for 6 weeks and after prayer for release from a spirit of infirmity he was instantly healed.

August 5

  • Lady healed of a 20 year back problem. As she lay on the floor after prayer she felt her three lower damaged vertebrae clicking into place. This happened three times! Now no pain. She is healed and sleeps comfortably at night.

Sunday June 26

  • Man right ear healed
  • Man serious stomach ailment healed
  • Woman stiff knees healed
  • Woman neck and shoulder healed.

Saturday June 4 and Sunday June 5
Team at the Psychic Expo

  • 96 people received prayer for many things including need for healing
  • 19 reported instant healing or significant improvement

Sunday May 29

  • Man testified to healing of his shoulder now able to exercise in the gym
  • Woman testified to healing of lower back pain

March 27

  • A couple driving home after Healinglife encounter discovered they had silver fillings in their teeth!

February and March 2011

  • Ladies released from depression.
  • Backs and Shoulders healed instantly.
  • Blood condition cleared of all abnormality.


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